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Santuary  'Virtual' Network

peace, harmony, and spiritual support!   

Location & Directions

Lorraine: 204-897-7183                                     Jayne:                       
Rose: 204-333-2249                                           Karen                                                                   


The Sanctuary is Meditation & Healing Network

The Sanctuary is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization that offers a haven for peace, harmony and  spiritual enlightenment. 

Below is a description of activities:

  • Weekly: on Thursday, 7:30pm there is an  extended meditation that begins with with drumming, then omming, followed by someone playing the Crystal Bowls, and ending with a period of silence,  etc.
  • Weekly: on Sunday, 1:30 meditation. It varies each time depending upon who facilitates it.
  • By Appointment: Crystal Bowl Healing, Coaching for Emotional Healing , Aura Cleansing, Past Life Regression, Numerology, etc.

Message from Hollie Andrew

For 20 years, The Sanctuary provided a spiritual haven for people searching for a community that was accepting, healing and loving. Since it closed early this summer, many of the regular attenders have found other places to continue their meditations and to enjoy their connections to others on similar paths. You have perhaps read about - or even attended - one of these gatherings.
     Lorraine has opened her house in St Vital for 7:30 Thursday night meditations that follow a similar pattern to those from The Sanctuary, except  that they are shorter. Each evening, one person gets the opportunity to recline within the circle of crystal bowls for a personal healing session. After one hour of drumming, aumming, crystal bowls, and a focusing idea, there is a tea break and people can remain for a discussion, if they want to do so.                       There is no cost to participants.
     On Sundays from 1:30 - 3:00 pm, Rose and Karen co-host a meditation at Unity Church on Arlington. It is similar in nature to that described above,  but has a decided focusing topic as a guiding light for the meditation and Resonance. Sometimes, Craig provides music besides the drumming and the bowls. Suggested donation: $10.
     Meditations based on the work of Enlightened Master Osho are held once or twice a week at the Autumnview home of Parminder and Reema. The regular Kundalini Meditation involves dance and movement. Check for a local Osho website.
     A “Sanctuary” Meet-up group has been started and has run weekly for over 3 months in London, Ontario. It uses the crystal bowls and other ways to focus, and there is a spiritual talk each evening.
     So, it is with much gratitude in my heart that I observe the springing up of other spiritual spaces which provide a gathering spot for people who so yearn to be part of the larger consciousness in these times of challenge and opportunities.
     In Love and Light,