Winnipeg, MB 

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peace, harmony, and spiritual support!   


A grateful ``Thank You`` to everyone who helped to make 

This Meditation for Peace such a great success!

This evening's event was part of an over-reaching set of events to be held in Winnipeg from Sept 15 - 22, all focused on aspects of Peace, such as compassion, forgiveness, conciliation, social justice, and all being timed to strengthen the UNESCO Peace Day on the 21st of September.

A meditation with the crystal bowls, a harp, a gong, and a flute was interwoven with song, dance, poetry and story offered by various artists from the community. It was priced to invite families, with children free, ages 10-17 & 65+ - $10, and ages 18-64 - $20. 

Link to Peace Days Canada

Link to St. Georges Anglican Church