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Craig Oliphant 


" I love to learn. My main interests are the performing arts and history. I have been an educator for over thirty years. I started with teaching swimming, Sunday School, and working with Parks and Recreation. I started teaching public school in 1979 and have taught students from grades 1-12. I have done most of my teaching at the elementary level from grades 3-6. I have also been a high school drama teacher." borrowed from his Facebook Page

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Bruno Groening 

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Information lecture “There is no incurable!”   ... A new path to health for body and soul 

The extraordinary healings that occurred through Bruno Gröning (1906-1959) ushered in a new era of spiritual healing.

Bruno Gröning left behind the knowledge of how to absorb a natural healing power that can bring long-lasting health to every human being. Back then and still today, healings of chronic illnesses that have lasted for decades, as well as of drug and other addictions, have occurred worldwide.

This is confirmed by numerous healing reports that have been carefully examined by doctors of the Medical Scientific Group and documented using medical evidence by independent physicians.

Doctors, psychologists and healing practitioners of the Medical Scientific Group regularly share their experiences through lectures, both domestically and internationally, in order to make Bruno Gröning's knowledge accessible to people worldwide.

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