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Expressive Arts Class

Here are some techniques that were used in the classes are listed throughout this page:

Led by Angela Meyer from October 11 - November 15, 2016  

Different Ways to Use Spiritual Expressive Arts

Meditation and mindfulness were integrated into each evening’s lesson.

  • Entrance meditation and journaling were used to assist with drawing activities that allowed individuals to be able to sit with their difficult emotions. This produced a reduction in anxiety symptoms and greater feeling of self-acceptance.

No special skills were required for these classes, as the process of the experience was  more important than the outcome.

  • Drawing/collaging a safe place where one can find peace when faced with difficult emotions and situations.
  • Automatic writing exercises were used to facilitate dialoguing with individuals: dreams, people, events and circumstances, the body, emotions and feelings and individual’s higher self. This also allowed the individuals to connect to their own inner therapist and wisdom.  It invited the individual’s subconscious and unconscious minds to become more conscious.

  • Drawing with the breath - These exercises provided the opportunity for a deeper sense of awareness of the life force within individuals.

  • Body mapping - This tool provided the opportunity to facilitate a deeper understanding of the body-mind connection. This has a wide variety of applications such as assisting individuals to see the difference between the body/emotions prior to meditation and after the experience of meditation.
  • Art worksheet activities assisted with processing painful memories and experiences in individuals lives. This included information regarding radical acceptance and the nature of suffering.
A $5 fee was charged to cover the costs of art supplies -  in addition to the usual $10 per class.