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February 2016 Messages

February 4, 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Gabriel

Dear People of the Sanctuary,

May love be your guide as you journey on your adventure of life, in this experiential place called Earth. Try to remember why you are here and what you choose to do. It is time to awaken from the long sleep. You are becoming aware of who you are and beginning to reconnect to spirit in the oneness of you. Let go of separation thinking and recognize that you are one with Spirit.

Wake up slowly. There is no rush on the morning of awakening. The  soul is calling to the mind to become as one with every part of your body, and as the surge of vibrational energy flows through the network of nerves sending the message of connection this will begin to effect the outside of you in slow but continuing movement towards the spirit of one.

The body you are using is becoming less important to you as the refined soul presence becomes you. Be not afraid as the sleepy self-starts to fade, to allow your etheric refinement to become manifest. Yes you are awakening this is happening right now. It has been occurring for some time but very slowly. Now there is a small yet steady increase in development with body and soul connection. As a result you are becoming conscious of your Devine self, as you. Joy is rising, and rising within to manifest the love of being you, as peace of mind, lets  you live out this last phase of physical experience.

Be free, be love be joy and peace and all will be magnificent in this wonderful experience of awakening.


Archangel Gabriel


February 11 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Raphael

Peace be with you .

To be at peace is to be content with yourself, to accept all that life put in your way as if it was heaven sent. And of course it is when you are at peace. Heaven on Earth is created by you, and is created when you are accepting every moment of your creation as love in action; that means without judgement of what you have created. Sometimes you believe in right and wrong and when you do that there is no peace in your life.

Self-judgement is a habit that you have created over a lifetime. To feel peaceful requires self-acceptance. Now it is time to let that habit go so you can live in peace. It is the fear of imperfection that takes the peace away from you. This also leads to feelings of doubt. When you know that you are perfect in everything that you do then you are at peace.

This may sound like a tall order for you to change your mind and to recreate your life free of self-judgement. Lovingly accept you as you are; and every act you make as perfection of life. Unfortunately you have been told from the beginning how imperfect you are. You have been judged as a “bad boy” or a “bad girl’ when in fact you were experiencing your first creative moments. Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if loving guidance had been there to redirect our mind to an alternate way of experiencing that creative moment, free of guilt? Now you can start that process of loving guidance towards you. It is never too late of viewing yourself as that “bad person’. You can redirect your mind with loving care. Instead you can accept yourself as a perfect creation free of guilt.

Guilt is the foundation of fear, of anger, and of rage. Consider what there is to be guilty of – being human, yes, in a way. You forgot that you are the divine presence of all there is.  This began with a misunderstanding at the moment of separation, when you entered the physical for to experience an idea. You also created’ time’ to help you manage this experience.

Now you are letting go of the misunderstanding and becoming guilt-free while accepting of you in the physical form. You are experiencing life in joyful calibration of love in action and peace is with you. Just change your mind from the heart; the seat of the divine presence in you.


Archangel Raphael


February 14, 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Ezekiel

Greetings to You all,

Today lets look at this moment in time. Is there anything that is happening in your life that is giving you concern; making you uncomfortable with yourself or with events in your life? Let go of this feeling with love. Let a sense of self-assurance come over you as you remind yourself that you are in a magnificent performance; the greatest show of all time. It is not real, but if taken seriously and made to be real, then there you are back to being uncomfortable.

Think of it as the greatest show of all time where you are having fun and recreating every scene in your motion picture. Imagine this as a unique moment where you are loving fun.

Once you give up the idea of reality on earth, you may choose to live in the freedom of recreating every moment according how you desire it to be. You are not a slave so shake off the imaginary shackles that are confining your experiences of life, as if it were all real. Yes it is just an illusion for you to have fun experiencing every moment with joyful exuberance. What a downer when you made it a reality. Now there is ‘reality’, yet not in your present physical form. Reality is ‘presence’; the present moment is the only reality there is. While you make an illusion your reality (i.e. your physical form) you are denying your divine presence.

So change your mind by listening to your heart-soul, where ‘presence’ lives while you are awakening to reality. Feel, sense that vibrant message rise into your mind, that gives you a sense of pure joy. Then you are free of imaginary ideas, a blank screen where the soul can rewrite the script in your experiential life in body.

Let love of you lead  you into paradise on earth. You will find peace of mind and joyfully ive with yourself in the one moment of reality.


Archangel  Ezekiel

In Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the Bahá'í Faith, Ezekiel is acknowledged as a Hebrew prophet. In Judaism and Christianity, he is also viewed as the author of the Book of Ezekiel that reveals prophecies regarding the destruction of Jerusalem, the restoration to the land of Israel and the Millennial Temple visions, or the Third Temple.

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