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Messages February 2017

Hollie Andrew Channeling  The Brotherhood of Love, Light, Learning and Laughter

Feb 9, 2017, The Sanctuary

Greetings, once again, Dear Ones.

As always, we are observing what is happening and that which is coming on your continent and on your planet. Be assured that these various events, energies, and feelings that arise therefrom, are all apparent in other dimensions and have their effects within the rest of your solar system and galaxy.

We see that many people, even those who have long travelled a spiritual path, are feeling confused and discouraged. Some are saying, “I can do nothing to help.” or are asking, “What can we possibly do now?” or “How did we get to this state?”

Please let us take you back to our words in that time when you and we were first in contact before your Sanctuary manifested. We explained to you that the group of people who had come together to co-create with us your version of The Sanctuary, had really only one lesson to be re-learned and taught and practised. Your group had vowed to be here together on earth all at one time when it was a crucial period in the evolution of both humanity and the planet.

Do you remember this? The reason your initiating group came back was because it was LOVE you wanted to experience and to share. You had seen in Tibet your distortion of ideas of Love for God or the Divine, and came back to make amends.

So, where does that Love reside? Well, it begins in your hearts, dear ones, and from there it eventually fills every one of your bodily cells. When this happens, you become Love Personified.

Tonight you have tapped into that Love to re-activate the beautiful crystals, which share their vibrations with you as they live here in your space. It is that same vibration of Love that you can draw upon in these days, so that you can just BE, calm and serene, as the discordance swirls around you. Remember that you came from The Source, an eternal Love Energy, and therefore you are Love.

Try to breathe away the anxieties that pop up into your mind. Breathe in the Love that beats in your heart – inhale it until you have nourished yourself. Once you have fed yourself with Love, then you can intentionally breathe out this Love to whomever and whatever and wherever you desire this vibrational uplift to go.

Indeed, dearly beloved ones, continue to accept and to love the other people. Love the animals. Love the trees and the plants, the rocks and the waters, Most importantly, continue to love yourself and to see your vital connection with all aspects of life on your planet.

As always, we send you our gratitude and our blessings. Go in Peace.

The Brotherhood of Love, Light, Learning and Laughter