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Words for prayer/poem


The God Light Prayer/Poem

May the God-Light that is mine

Shine down on me,

Filling me with Peace, surrounding me with Love,

And letting me know that all's right in my world.


May the God-Light that is yours

Shine down on you,

Filling you with Peace, surrounding you with Love,

And letting you know that all's right in your world.


May the God-Light that is ours

Shine down on us,

Filling us with Peace, surrounding us with Love,

And letting us know that all's right in our world.


May the God-Light that is theirs

Shine down on them,

Filling them with Peace, surrounding them with Love,

And letting them know that all's right in their world.



re: Suggestion to remove the fourth verse because it implies separation:

Heather Smith was the person who was given permission to use this prayer from the Six Nations people.

She explained that the "Them" in the 4th verse are those who now live in Spirit, those who have completed this phase on earth and have gone on into another dimension. 

Indeed, we are all one, even with those who are no longer in body. Even the other 3 verses could be combined into one, as I, you and we actually are all one, as well. 

I think that there is a beauty in the cadence and repetition of this First Nations prayer, and even though it could all be handled by using the 3rd verse - the "we" verse, it is quite lovely to say all four verses. So, like Huebl says, all worlds are one.

One time I explained that to the people gathered on a Thursday night's meditation, and those who had wondered about the "they" said they could appreciate it differently now.

In Love and Light,