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January 2016 Messages

January 14, 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Jesus

Be at peace,

Be at peace letting love lead the way into this new year of testing your love. How true is you love of you? I t can be a difficult time when self-acceptance has not been established and fear of self gets in the way.

Love is the only answer to a life of peace, and when you love yourself you love everyone. In spirit y ou are One, and in that state of acceptance there is joy in all that you do. Every act contributes towards you happiness. Now you are truly accepting of your creation in this moment of love.

Become more conscious that you are the creator of every moment, where love influences every endeavour. As you do this you are influencing  the outcome toward a world of peace. This peaceful creation will lead you into accepting all is love and there are many ways of expressing it. Where there is no judgement there is only loving acceptance of you the divine creator in the spirit of One.

Life can be so peaceful when self-acceptance is your goal. See yourself as the perfect creation as the form that houses the divine essence of love, Life Eternal. Life becomes simpler when you are in harmony with all life. You express that song of love that vibrates from a heartfelt joy; the  joy of being alive in you. Make this your goal for the next year of testing – that all of your creation is in harmony with your inner self of divine love. This will bring about a convergence of body and soul. Do you realize that this is the goal that you have been seeking since conception, and you are so close to achieving it?

Now love you into completion, and bring everyone home into the one moment of loving harmony.



Your brother in love.


P.S. If  you have accomplished the love of self be the ambassador for all the souls who are struggling to find peace in this year of testing.


January  24th  2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Are you negative or are you positive?  if you are one of these then be aware of how important it is to find balance,  to embrace either part of you,  that is to accept that you are more comfortable with a certain vibration, is to say you are not balanced.

This may be a difficult concept yet one that is now very important to take a careful look at.

Please open wide your heart and let your soul fully connect with heart and mind.  Let go of any preconceived ideas of right and wrong, of good or bad, let love flood your whole being and allow a totally new concept enter you to bring you to a place of balance.

Is it possible that everything that you have believed in along with most of the people of the world have been wrong about who is bad, who is evil.  /could it be that the righteous are the reason for chaos in the world. For it is the righteous who inspired the idea of right and wrong.

Yes they did and in doing so created wars,  chaos against evil or to be more accurate against negative people even to use this as a description of a bad person.

Now who are the bad guys ? is that you who judges other who are not of your positive thinking.

No!! just misunderstanding life in polarity. Yet is does pose a challenge  for so many to revise their time honored way of thinking and the acceptance of how they misjudged so many to drive them into extreme acts of violence.

Now is the time of healing to begin in the holy place and sent world wide on loves vibration through your vortex.

This is breaking news you are broadcasting on the world wide web for as you begin this transfiguration of thought you will be continually raising the vibration of true love, for you will stay connected to the vortex of love at all times, while changing your thought process into the wonderful freedom of balance.

Free to truly love everyone without a moment of judgment , of coarse you will slip into old ideas every so often yet will so quickly correct it.

It is expected that this will be very difficult for some as these ideas have been taught for a very long time and were part of the development of the people of the world.

So give it your best effort for this is the time of balance and the old ways of thinking are to be let go, so that you can move on to a new way of being in harmony with all life on planet Earth.

Please be gentle with yourself as you love yourself into paradise


Archangel  Michael

Guardian of the Light



January  28, 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel  Michael

How are you this evening?

 How is the first month of the year of testing your love? Are you having fun with you, letting joy fill your day? Let that joy release all of the secret fears that you have about not being good enough. Watch your experience of life change as you accept yourself more. And in doing this be aware of the extended self that is feeling so frightened by the oppressive burden of authority. This part of you may be driven to act in rage; the type of self-righteous rage that causes oppression. Love and accept the one of yo in the one moment of spiritual acceptance.

For true love accepts every experience as perfect, to see you in every aspect of life without judgement of right or wrong. It is that judgement that has created so much confusion within you. Every law created that focuses upon right or wrong denies the experience of love and self-acceptance.

Love only sees love. Love does not need to protect, for that is the misunderstanding that came from fear. Let love fill you with acceptance of the One of you in spirit, and them watch fear disappear. Fear was an illusion that you created out of a misunderstanding.

For too long the many have judged in fear, and in doing so have created so much chaos and many illusions. Why not create peace and harmony, love and joy instead? You can just change your mind, alter your thinking, and let love lead the way. It is possible, yes it is, and you are already doing it. While you are testing yourself you are learning how to love you and release your hidden fears. This is the year of testing; testing the loving acceptance of you. And that is all it takes in loving all of you, every facet of you in the spirit of One.

Feel the One of you as you meditate. You may begin to sense spirit and matter coexisting as One. Feel that vibration of body and soul. The sense of one within and allowing that vibration to connect in the One of all creation that you are for there is no separation in spirit, so loving the body into the vibration of spirit with love as your guide and all will be well.

This act of coexistence will ensure that your body’s health is maintained in its higher vibrational state.  It all comes back to loving you. As always, love is the answer.


Archangel  Michael