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July 2016 Messages


Sunday, July 3rd

 Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Greetings to you all.

I am Michael,  who is a part of the support for the people of Earth. We are part of this grand program of experiential loving that was chosen by all to bring about a state of consciousness in free-will. This required a very careful guidance on our part, to never interfere in any way, and allowing the people of Earth to rediscover who they are, as being One with all there is.

For us to fit in with your lifestyle,  We became individuals in name and appearance and in doing so became special, held in particular esteem, when in fact the opposite was the case. Yet this has served its purpose as you were living in hierarchal system of control by individual who put themselves into a position of authority. This is still the way you love, yet is in question a lot now, as people gain self respect and find loving acceptance of the world around them. This does change how you see yourselves and others, and brings about a sense of oneness in spirit also a sense of who you are a being who is becoming self-conscious of there Divinity.

Now you can let us off the pedestal of esteem to a servant of God, who is with you like a shadow of light at all times. As we bow towards you in reverence to honour you Oh Divine Being of light at all times.

Now say I am that I am, one with all I am. Let that become your mantra to be mindful of who you are as the mind opens to the heart.As you gently let go of the old idea of bing subservient to anyone, yet to honour everyone as yourself.  Each one an integral part of the whole, yes acceptance in love.  Isn’t that the only way to self acceptance, that honours everyone in spirit of One.

So am I now your good (god) friend, who never judges you,  only loves you as my dearest friend.


 Archangel Michael

Thurs., July 7, 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Jesus

Peace be with you,

Let the inner peace be the focus of your daily life. This is achieved by self-acceptance. Be careful not to let other people, who are influenced by fear, cause you to doubt yourself. Listen to your inner wisdom and hear only love’s advice.

Love is everywhere even when misunderstood as fear. Fear can give a whole new way of acceptance in your experience of life. Love and fear intermingle by creating experience.  Yes, it is all life in the end when you accept life as it is. Living ‘in the flow’, free of doubt; living in trust of who you are, god or the Divine Spirit, experiencing life in a body.

The Divine Presence is the collective of everything, of everyone that has been named ‘God’. This name has been used to influence many lives. It is a misdirection that advises the person to move away from who they are and worship some presence outside of them. This is why it is so important to listen to your true self that resides within your heart, not your head. Peace comes to you when your heart and head come together, as is the intention in a relationship with another. Some may try to experience this more than once, to gain deeper insight into the heart-mind connection. Two shall become one, and that is to bring heart and mind into unison, a harmonious tune of love.

Every experience that you choose is a perfect choice that will influence the balance for everyone, as heart-mind come together creating peace of mind. This is spreading across your world and appears as chaos. It represents a giant relationship going through its adjustments. Be patient as y our watch this love affair come into fruition and chaos. Then it turns into a balanced relationship; indications that love is understood. So love the chaos into calm, within your heart-mind relationship. Everything begins with you from within as you express acceptance of your Divine Self.

Love is the answer.



July 10, 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Greetings to all

Today let’s take a look at how you accept yourself. It all starts with your acceptance of you as one with everyone. When god/the Divine Spirit entered a body it did not cause separation of spirit. The Presence of All That Is was intact. However, from the viewpoint of the physical body there is the illusion of separation.  It is imperative for you to accept your true self, rather than the illusion of the physical form that you see outside of you. This delicate operation of self-acceptance begins with you, as you adjust to the concept of being One In Spirit and ignore the physical forms that are each ‘god in a body’ experiencing individual lives, expressing themselves all around you.  Acceptance is love and Love does not judge the god in another. Please be aware of every aspect of you reflecting back, so that you become at peace with all of you. It is the spirit in you accepting the One through the heart-soul which makes you more conscious of the spirit of love in others. The mind or the ego tends to alienate us from each other. It is the process of acceptance that brings all this into fruition. Loving acceptance of all of you, every reflection of you, provides a peaceful state of mind.

Acceptance is love.

Michael who serves you


 Archangel Michael

Sunday, July 17 2016

 Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Greetings beautiful people

One this summer day,  celebrate this day in all of its uniqueness for there will never be another like it. Value everyday as your creation and try to see the perfection in the wisdom you created, to bring you closer to rediscovering the divine being within and to celebrate who you are with joy, as you settle into your true relationship with all that you are One in spirit with every facet that is the creation of matter that you create to experience life.

Oh ! I forgot you still think you are just a person who is powerless and is pushed around by some ouside source, and yes that is a choice you can make in your experience, yet you can change your mind and allow the heart-soul to be listened to and claim your birth right.

Try to remember try to listen to the inner wisdom and come out of the cocoon of forgetfulness and fly as a butterfly free to be who ever you wish for,  let go of the limitation you have imposed on yourself.

Love you into a new way of loving life,  free from doubt, free from fear.  Yes free to love and to accept all life as it is. And this begins within you, as you begin to find balance between heart and mind that creates a calm harmony of loving acceptance.

The world as you see it will begin to change as the inner harmony takes affect, where love is seen in your world instead of chaos, of hate and violence, instead to see the big picture of your creation evolving in freedom as was the choice made at the birth of time. Free choice can only happen when there is no judgement and them freedom is experienced in harmonious flow unencumbered by hear and loving every moment of freedom of of expression.

This will begin within you as the loving heart is accepted and the old fearful mind is allowed to change into a harmonious relationship with the soul. This is how peace is attained from within you, who is One with everyone experiencing separation as a means of experience.

You see Love is the answer.

Love love love is loving you.


 Archangel Michael

Thursday, July 21 2016
Tony Bishop Channeling Jesus

Peace be with you,
Let peace envelop you as a warm blanket on a cool day. Allow that sense of peace to be with you at all times for it is your friend, that helps you to love yourself, accepting everything about you. Now you are able to share that with everyone as yourself.

In these turbulent time try not to get involved in a fearful way. Remember the peace within, and let that go forth as your bring joy into this moment. This inner joy is the gift that comes from a contented person. As you are present here tonight this gift of joy is abundant for you.  You feel safe to express yourself in this place of peace, the heart center, when soul to soul love’s vibration goes forth to maintain a balance in our world of bi-polar energy.

Balance is so important at this time of awakening. If your mind slips into a misunderstanding that the world is falling apart just stop right there and remember the presence of peace. Allow joy to come forth. Now this is a very wonderful gift that you have given to all by creating balance out of chaos, rendering it down to peace.
It may appear that so few are maintaining balance. Yet the opposite is actually happening. There is so much love in the world it is altering the course of so many violent acts. The world of matter is adjusting to the blending of so called good and bad, where acceptance is ridding the world of judgement.

The old vibrations of fear are putting its last stand against love and acceptance. So be even more loving towards those lost in the old fear. Only unconditional love can free them. You can do this at the Sanctuary as you join as One in complete acceptance of everyone with joy in your hearts. Yes you can do it. Bring peaceful acceptance into the new vibration of a new way to be. The unique celebration of sound and vibration is without a doubt one of the most powerful influences sustaining love and acceptance in this group, and beyond. Continue to celebrate the spirit as one, and try not to waiver in your chosen goal.
We of the universal consciousness bless you for what you are achieving and are with you every step of the way. We encourage you without interfering with your free will. Balance is created out of chaos in free will. You are very close to achieving your goal, so now it is importance to hold the balance for a little longer. Be open-hearted towards change in your life and in your surroundings. Let it unfold peacefully. Joyfully dance through y our life experience and express your creative abilities.

Affirm how easy it is to live in peaceful harmony, when you consciously choose love instead of fear in each moment.

Love and light,

Sunday, July 24  2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Jesus

May love guide you throughout your day for love will protect you from the fearful mind. Turning your thoughts to happy thinking ideas that can come from the heart or from an outside source of love given freely and consciously.

As you readjust your vision of the world with the eyes of love and peace can be yours, turning to accepting everything in a new light of understanding love. This is a healing way to spirit consciousness where beauty is everywhere, like looking at a tiny flower fro the first time to see deep into its face at its intrinsic beauty within that as easily missed when to busy chasing shadows from the past. When you are in a now moment you can snell the roses and life in this new way of heart consciousness.

Joyfully skipping through the daisies in a field of grass as if you where a small child once more. Find this memory and rediscover yourself and let stress fall away and love blossom into joyful relaxation for life is so precious live it to the fullest,  enjoying every moment as you embrace all life all beauty within you,  be present to your creation, be present to you as you accept who you are,  God in a body having fun with your creation, even with the body, for it is your creation and reflects for your true self to experience your creation, for in pure spirit there is no experience.

So have fun, live in the moment let go of the past as much as you can for it can spoil the moment of love. The more you let go of body identity and become more spirit conscious by observing as if separate from it. So start letting go of it and becoming more spirit conscious. If you can have fun with it for you can come out of the cocoon and fly free as the spirit you are.

Love you into life to be fully awake to you divine self, its time to be you, to accept the One of live as you may begin to merge into the One of each other spirit to spirit, soul to soul, its wonderful experience of remembering how you were before being separated by matter. Just let it happen, let it be a surprise and a delightful moment. The door is opening for you and it was you who opened it by the loving acceptance you have created about all life.

Love is the answer to everything as I shared with you so many years ago and that seed is now in blossom.

We are all One  Jesus 

Thursday, July 28 2016
Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Peace be with you. Be present to you and discover the universe. Now take a moment to take that in. Let the mind hear the heart and accept your universal presence, as one in spirit and unique in body frequency. This is you, Divine Presence. This is everyone with their unique frequency that blends into One. This is creating a monumental happening across all of creation.
Right now you are creating the unified collective of the One that goes far beyond the planet earth – it is limitless. Stop right there and let your mind catch up, for you are the One, yes you are. Yes, you who is whole, perfect and complete just the way you are in this moment. Right now become more conscious of how it feels, and what it means to accept yourself as you are. The creation that you are creating right now is the unified collective of the one.

Acceptance of your true identity is not easy when you have lived in denial, and the illusion of separation from the Source. This will continue until the end of time. The illusion of matter will disappear into the vapor of transitory movement, as your creation takes a giant leap in evolution. Within your heart-soul all this is known, however it takes longer for the mind to comprehend it. It is most important that the mind reconnects with love. Let love take over and let reasoning go. Trust in who you are where loving acceptance is y our guide towards self-realization.

Wow!! Now your mind is refusing to comply. “No way, I refuse to let go of reasoning”, it seems to shout. “The world would fall apart. It would be the end of civilization.” From our point of view we say, “What civilization?” because your world is in chaos and then we add, “So much for your reasoning!” Do not despair. All is well at your highest level of consciousness. Eventually, and very gently you will all slip into an evolved state as a free spirit.   Love will lead the way.

Live in the ‘now’ of experience. Focus upon the present moment. Gently let your mind evolve into loving acceptance of the most extreme events on your planet. Love will see you through the end days. Enjoy every moment in the eyes of love.

Archangel Michael

Sunday, July 31,  2016
Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Dear People of Light
Let your light shine brightly so that you may enlighten those who are struggling to find their light,  those who feel they are in a dark place. Give them your wonderful light by being present while walking and talking in your everyday life.
When you do this consciously and invasion other light beings connecting with you, you create a wonderful vibration of love. This will raise you own vibration giving you a sense of your own self-worth.

Be a universal healer, by just being you, and the more you accept yourself the greater the gift you share with other beings you more conscious of the of the One. The One light of love that embracing all life.

So now you know why you are a light worker who brings the love light to so many in the dark. And all you have to do is be you, loving you, accepting you and healing with the love light you are creating by being thus.

Life is simple when you live in acceptance of everything, free from self-judgement and the judgment of life. All life is perfect just as it is when it is free from judgment, and this comes about through you accepting your own perfection, not requiring any change in you, except what happen naturally by living love and acceptance of you.

This work acceptance can be a challenge for your upbringing was all about judging right from wrong and this embedded in your mind from you earliest memories and acceptance contradicts this deep seated concept. There is one way of bringing this about and that is brain-washing with love from your heart-soul, the centre of divine consciousness where pure love radiates from and judgment is unknown.

Pure acceptance heals your world of the concept of right and wrong and brings about peace. Now its up to you for there is no other. This is how you do it, by accepting you and only you can do it, yet remember you are One with all and all the light beings are at One as they let go of prejudicial ideas and move towards enlightenment.

And only love can achieve this love, love, love, all there is is love.

Love you back to you accepting all life in you as One.

Archangel Michael