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June 2016 Messages

Thursday, June 2 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Dear People of the Light,

It is your light that is raising the vibration all over the world. Due to this increase in vibrations there is a call for balance within all of you. When there is a rising of consciousness it can cause a disturbance in many people including you. Sometimes you may feel confused and not your usual self. Embrace this feeling with love. Just take a moment and accept this feeling. Remind yourself that feelings are not right or wrong. When you accept your feelings as they are, then love shines through, and you find inner balance.

During these times of adjustment be brave and let the Light of Love guide the way. You will sincerely find that Love is the only way to inner calm. It is the state of calmness that you can reach into the One in the spirit of everyone. Such Love is worldwide in everyone.  All it takes is a few Light Workers to hold the balance, so that those who are struggling can feel the calming sense of self-worth.

Never before have you been called upon to be present to your faith and trust in who you are, as the Ambassador of Love and Light. As such it is important to be truly present to the God-light within. Embrace this sacred sense of Godliness. Hold it within until it bursts forth in a blinding flash of Love Light to everyone. Find that state of balance where polarity ends within you. This is self-acceptance of every facet of you.  Yes it is unconditional love that comes from the heart soul. Let that sweep over you pushing out all of the misunderstandings you have had about yourself. Then feel the experience of true freedom in spirit that comes from the Love Light you have always been.


Archangel  Michael


Thursday, June 16 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Jesus

Peace be with you,

As the summer days approach with warm and rain showers, the city has turned green. As the flowers of spring fade away and the flowers of summer blossom forth tis is also an expression of you. You are the city, the province, the country, the continent of North America and South America. How big do you wish to be as you embrace your creation; or how small as you focus upon a tiny flower where its inner beauty is being expressed in you?

Beauty is all around you as you see and accept who you are, oh magnificent being of light! As soul to soul you joyfully unite into the One pure expression of Love. It is the complete expression of unified acceptance of every aspect of the Divine Presence. As you begin this journey into self-acceptance let go of separation thinking and moving into the self that is incorporated and united in one body. Start seeing with the inner vision of your soul connection. Now you see a perfect creation, accepting every facet in its brilliant light of One. Bring peace to mind. Your thoughts are then bathed in enlightenment, and absent of desire or suffering.

Open wide to the light as the rose to the summer sun, emitting the perfume of love to encapsulate your mind into the age of true love. When the mind begins to grasp the concept of ‘One’, and the letting go of separation you begin to trust in yourself more. With a calm state of mind, listen to the whisper of the heart-soul. This is why you created the Sanctuary. It came out of the One, the collective soul, the spirit of love in its timeless creation of now. Allow the mind to rediscover acceptance and love.

Love is bringing you home to you.


Jesus, at One with the Christ in you.


Sunday, June 5 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Dear Family of the Light,

May you have love, kindness, and compassion for all living things. How do you feel about who you are? Or do you wish you were someone else? Do you wish you had more money to buy all those things you want or think you need? Need and want are words that hold you bound to need and want. It is the dissatisfaction of who you are that leads to this state of want and need. Abundance is your right and is always with you all the while you allow it. A simple thought of doubt can remove it from your life, leaving you with need and want. This leads to a poverty of lifestyle. Many people who are ‘well to do’ may also feel needy, always seeking more, as if there is never enough. This creates an imbalance.

Acceptance is the key to abundance. This leads to peace of mind and self- love. The happy contented person who lives a life of joy is always in a state of abundance.

So how do you feel about whom you are – a Divine Being or a poor human being? All it takes is a change of focus from the mind to the heart. The heart knows no fear. The heart is filled with the abundance of life in every way. So have a heart filled mind and live in abundance.

Have a Heart Filled Mind and bring balance to the world. Let go of all fear.

Express love and joy and peace – the Trinity of Life. With an open mind and an attitude of acceptance you create harmony.

Fear is rampant in your world and is crippling so many lives. Be the broadcaster of Love and Joy and Peace. Convert the waves of fear that you feel into loving acceptance. Be the lighthouse that guides others home to a peaceful world, living in harmony, and spreading this throughout the planet.

You are the light, the hope of the world. Be as conscious as you can of the divine spirit, the love that is who you are. Accept yourself as you are and everything will unfold as it should. Self-acceptance is the key to heaven on earth.

We, who are you, in Love

Archangel Michael

Thurs. June 9 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

May Joy Fill Your Life!

It is joy that has become lost to so many people. So many feel sadness, depression. Anger and depression, fear and frustration lead to seeking outward pleasures with frivolous amusement. This may become an addiction in so many ways. Perhaps it is an attempt to avoid a sense of self-worth. The world without joy is a sad place, so who in their right mind would want to live there, and why has this happened? Why indeed, for there is a reason for everything.

The planet earth is addictive (mood altering), in its beauty, and in its bounty of material wealth. It is so overwhelming that there has been a reluctance to move past it. That has slowed down the evolution of matter. Now you see why the world is “going to pot” (means: going to ruin; deteriorating.) where there is no hope or joy. The beauty of earth is being destroyed.

So now you can celebrate the ‘End Days’ because they lead to the most magnificent evolution of all time. Now is the time to let go of your attachments, heal your addictions and move on towards the freedom that awaits you. As you evolve you will become a crystalline state of being without a body or mind, as you are now.

Now when you hear the environmental damage being done to the earth, and the crime waves, and the entire horrible news broadcast in the media, do not despair. Instead fill your heart with joy. Open your mind of acceptance and sense the freedom that comes to you. Joy comes out of self-acceptance and unconditional love. Joy happens naturally in love’s presence. Joy is peaceful, untroubled by conflict. This is the ideal tranquil place to be during this time of evolution. Accept the changes and embrace them with a joyful heart.

This is similar to the changes that have happened at The Sanctuary. From the clutter of large furniture and other items, a new layout was designed. This created a simpler layout of chairs and tables and formed a more open and inviting space for things to come. Yes, we are ever evolving! It is a process of continuous change that can be joyfully received. What other way would you choose?

With open hearts, sing with joy. Celebrate life in all of its expressions of love in action.  Live it to the fullest.

You are the light-workers that awaken love and joy in others. The inner joy of being you is acceptance.


Love is the answer to joy expressed.

Archangel Michael


Sunday, June 12 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

May Love be You, for It Is Who You Are.

Embrace this and live in peace all the days of your life. It is so easy to forget who you are while in body, that is why you are reminded of this so often.

Then who are you? Try to imagine the immensity of space and then picture yourself filling this space with your presence. The collective of the whole of creation is who you are, and who you are becoming. Your Presence is unlimited. This can be difficult to accept while in physical form, yet it is imperative to your evolving self that you open your mind to this concept.

Let go of the many beliefs of who you have been told you are. Gently let them go. Breath them away. Sense your Divine Presence, knowing that your physical form is a temporary state of experience.

Bring this together in Divine acceptance of form and experience. Form is so temporary and your have lived in so many different forms, during your existence at this time. Now let them go as time draws to an end. Let all of your human experiences come together as one moment of experience here and now.

Allow this to happen. Be willing. Say “Yes”! Let it unfold as it will.

Say, ”I Am”. Sing, “I Am”. Be "I Am".

Paradise will be yours. Be present in the moment. Sense the Divine Bliss of the "I Am" Presence, where there are no questions, and no seeking, only the bliss of being present. Take every opportunity you can during your busy day to drift into blissful happiness. Sense the joy of being truly you.

Laugh at the life you are living. Have fun with it. Do not take it too seriously, because that leads to unhappiness. You could appear to be serious doing your job, yet on the inside feel joyful. Life is fun when you see the funny side of it. Imagine it is God having fun in a body. Go beyond the limited life of the world around you.

Be a free spirit inside until it becomes a natural part of who you are in life.

Archangel Michael


Sunday, June 19th

Tony Bishop Channeling Jesus

Peace be with you.

Peace comes from the heart, when the mind is resting and the body relaxed and isn’t that a beautiful place to be.

so why let that mind drive it away with all of its demands of do this and that as though the world would end if it wasn’t done.

The body becomes tensed and the mind stressed for what, for now you are not functioning very well. Stop,  listen as your heart-soul reconnects with the mind, ah now isn’t that better. Feel the easy flow of ideas its like writing a message of love to yourself.

How often, if ever do you write a love letter to you. Take your time for its for you,  yes the neglected person in the One of you. Oh beautiful being of Light let go of all your worries and let love lead the way and relax into all your worldly planning and marvel at the outcome.

It is the inner beauty that now shines forth, for now you can smell the perfume of life and joyfully celebrate being you in the collective of life expressed in love. Free to experience all of life in the moment of now, its a new world on planet Earth when you accept it all, in the grand experience of Life in matter, free to express itself in love, boundless in expression free of guilt , of fear and anger, where every act is seen as a free expression of living life in true love.

Freedom comes to you in loving acceptance of all life as it is, for you will find that a world free of judgment is a world of love and so called crime would disappear for it is the act of judging that created crime.

This can happen for you to be free of judgment and let that creative moment spread across the consciousness of the one so that peace can be experienced world wide for it has to start somewhere. So people of light let you light shine and illuminate to enlightened spiritually all of humanity into peace a free world of expression of love in it multiple states of being human as God in a body having fun being human. So lets have fun let inner joy burst forth for you to begin in you so that this joy may spread around your planet as flowers in a meadow, where colours blend creating such beauty.

Create a new world Oh Light beings, Trust in you and We will be there every step of the way.


Jesus, Bring for the Christ in you


Thurs. June 23 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Gabriel

Dear People of the Light,

It is very important for you to accept the oneness of being life incarnate. Many times you thank the universe for everyday things. You could say thank you to yourself. Life, all life, is you. “I Am that you are; One with all that is”. This is a mantra that could be useful. You could say this as often as possible each day. It may help to get rid of the habit of giving away your identity to something outside of you.

Sometimes you act as if you are some weak human that is at the mercy of some overseer, or even a punishing god. However, this image was the created by some people in a state of fear. Love is the answer, for Love is the true power. Using the power of Love you can live life to the fullest. With Love as the guide then Love is peaceful and joyful.

Freedom from enslavement comes to those who have lovingly accepted themselves as the Divine Essence of all that is. When Love is the driving force in your life, fear has no place to exist, and the so called authority becomes neutral in a peaceful way.

Now you are truly an alien in your world. As an alien it is wise not to be overly expressive of the joy of life. Live calmly, with an inner state of freedom. This will send forth radiant vibrations that will encourage others to find their freedom from a tyranny of a world of fear. Yes, be the Light and you will gently reach the Light in others, where the Light of One is manifested.

As you gather in this circle of Love you become one in your aura, for as the evening goes on one colour becomes prevalent, yet each one retains their unique colour vibration. This blend of the aura then goes outward touching a multitude of auras as it expands to the infinity of Life. It is this light that the Light Workers use to fulfill their chosen work, to awaken the sleeping ones of your planet. Be gently with your presence, especially with word vibrations. 

Trust that the silence is more effective than words. As you are doing this your aura will intermingle, creating a calming vibration as the One Presence becomes present in that space.

You are the Light –

Be It. Live It. Use It.

And heal the world of fear.

Archangel Gabriel


Sunday, June 26th

 Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Peace be with you

At this time of world wide disturbance be at peace and find joy in all that is happening, for the dismantling of a structured world that is lost in corruption to allow the Earth to recreate itself.

Let love and acceptance lead the way into a new age of peaceful coexistence, where law is redundant and love is the guiding rule, with peace of mind leading the way as spirit and mind can coexist within the body.

Now take a new way of observing world events with eyes of joyous acceptance knowing that its like spring cleaning, letting go of all the clutter as in a clean sweep.

Be the stability people of the heart centre as you joyfully accept this movement into the age of love for everything, allowing any old fears to dissipate as vaporous gas,  leaving clean air to live with as love fills the air with its perfume of joy. Let love be the rule to love by, as you, as the collective of stability pouring forth peaceful acceptance of love towards all life that may be slipping into fear.

Do not doubt yourself as the Divine presence of love,  bringing everyone to own their own sense of being so. This is your chosen gift you bring to all, the gift of love that accepts everyone in this time of confusion. Love is strength, it is endurance of the heart-soul, the common spirit in everyone

Archangel Michael


Thursday, June 30 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Be at peace People of the Light.

These are trying time for so many who are afraid of change, become more fearful. People of the light be joyful, be delightfully happy, as this world of fear begins to fall apart.

Observe as fear stumbles into love’s awakening vibration. Many people are beginning to sense and express who they sincerely are as human beings, as centers of light and love. This is where you will shine that inner light of love, accepting everyone as beings of light going through the transition of this experiential world. This pure state of love is what you create here at The Sanctuary. As you create it for yourself it overflows expanding outward and upward. Then it showers down like rain from the heavens creating new life for all.


Do not doubt yourself. Just love yourself. Accept everything you have ever done or are doing as perfect, without the slightest effort on your part to change anything in your life. Yes, let it happen, for it will anyway. Flow with the tide enjoying every moment of your creation. Create with love from your heart-soul center and put your confused mind at ease.

The sound meditation that you perform that starts with drumming is one of the easiest forms of healing. This is helping to release the misunderstandings of yesterday. The sound waves travel great distances and can link with other vibrations elsewhere. The aumming is the personalized sound that will release the inhibition to be heard.


Archangel Michael