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Kiva Simova : Professional Overtone Singer

Kiva Simova, has been a regular attendee of the Sanctuary for many years. She came back for an evening of meditation on Thursday March 23rd. 

She presented a vocal improvisation, created in the moment. it was magnificent!

Kiva is well known as a professional overtone singer (singing 2 pitches at once) for 26 years. 

She has taught this discipline globally, recorded 3 solo CDs, film soundtracks and performed live improvisation with many other artists. 

In recent years, she became involved with overtone choir music in Europe, directing her own such choir in Prague. She brings overtone singing into many genres, along with the natural healing benefits it brings to both the singer and listener.

She was at the Sanctuary Thursday, March 23 Meditation.

Pictures taken Thursday, March 23  


Overtone Singing Improvisation- Kiva Simova

Overtone Singing  "O Come All Ye Faithful"