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A Personal Development and Transformation Workshop

Led by: Marianne Farag, Sublimity: Pathways To Peace

"From Daydreams to Plans!"                        

From Daydreams to Plans!

We all daydream about things we want to do or hope to do one of these days (everything from organizing photo albums, to changing a behaviour, to learning to play an instrument, to changing a mindset, to taking up ballroom dancing), but sometimes these never come to pass for a variety of reasons such as too busy to make it happen, or we’re not sure where to begin with turning our ideas into reality, or we believe there are certain impediments that make the idea just too fanciful & pie in the sky so to speak, or we have too many “project” ideas so none come to pass. This workshop will give you a framework through which to get clear on your day dreams/projects, and figure out how to make them happen. You’ve heard about strategic planning in the workplace; well this workshop is about personal planning to help you implement the changes you want to make. This will be an interactive workshop with lots of opportunity for self-reflection, discussion and personal transformation

Date: Saturday April 29, 2017         Time: 10:00 – 4:00 pm

Location: The Sanctuary, St. Norbert Arts Centre, 100 Ruines du Monastere Street, St. Norbert

Fee: $ 30.00 (Includes $10.00 for a Resource Workbook)

To Register:  Phone: (204) 897-7183  

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What You Need to Bring: writing paper/journal and pen, and your lunch. Tea, coffee, water, available.


Marianne Farag: Bio

With over 20 years of leading and teaching meditation, training in Applied Counselling, and Reiki, I work with people who seek self-awareness, self-empowerment, and tranquility in their personal and work life. I also speak at conferences, publish articles, write resource workbooks, and blogs on personal growth and transformation topics including: mindfulness and meditation, intentional thinking, forgiveness, and peace in the workplace. For additional information, see my website Sublimity: Pathways to Peace  link and follow me on my Twitter link.