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March 2016 Messages

March 3, 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Dear Light Workers,

Today is the day to awaken your senses. Be aware of who you are in this moment, rather than worrying about what you will be tomorrow, or what happened yesterday. These distractions lead to feeling remorse and guilt from past wrongs. Then your mind tries to drift to what could be to escape this feeling. What is wrong with right now as you are joyfully enjoying the moment. Love you into self-contentment as you try to create that experience in that moment. Do you feel a need to plan for tomorrow? Then return that need into this moment. Allow it to happen as it will for it is the creation of right now. To plan ahead is not the future for it is created in the moment of now free of need, and open to the creative idea, that can expand and evolve from that creative moment of now.

Stress creates stress, for it is the disbelief in your creative moment that tried to control an idea into something else instead of allowing it to evolve in its own pace, in trust of your creation. A calm mind is a heart mind. It is free of failure and confident in all of its creative moments. Doubt does not live in the heart of inner joy; that state of contentment is the now moment of creation.

Do you remember the first idea? You should because you are living it right now. This idea has been expanding and evolving from that first moment ever since time began. So what was the idea that you seem to have forgotten? It is to experience life in a body and forget who you are. How would you truly experience life as the creator in a body if you remembered who you are?

Now begin to remember a little at a time in a moment free of time that you call meditation. Here you touch for a moment the calm of the soul, free in the contentment of presence of which you really are an external being.


Archangel Michael

March 13,  2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Raphael

Beloved people of Light

Listen to the rhythm of life, it can come to you in sound waves. It is also in the inner movement of the flow within the body that beautiful heart beat.  Let that rhythm be the calming affect that leads to inner peace or the rhythmic beat that opens the mind to the body’s own rhythm that leads to relaxing the body through movement. 

Yet there is rhythm that comes out of acceptance of all life,  bringing about symphonic harmony to live by.  sone call this peace of mind and this comes from harmonic acceptance of the inner rhythm and letting that merge with every unique rhythm in creation.

The rhythmic frequency of everything is unique for it is never repeated, as are the snowflakes unique,  as is everything else.  Yet all these unique frequencies live in perfect rhythm with life eternal as One.

Sit and watch the wonder of each unique individual walking by,  the wonder of it for there is such a difference in each person,  this incredible mix of humans flowing through life in the rhythm of One, Its when you take a moment to observe the complexity of all these unique individuals existing as a district entity searching for connection in each other.

Now do you see the importance there is no division,  this brings about the harmony of life where the unique individual is accepted as they are a part of this incredible mosaic that form into the tapestry of cohesiveness the  One rhythm of Life.


Archangel Raphael

Sunday,  March 20 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

To the perfection of Life in all and to a perfect world that you created out of love.

Do you accept it as it is,  when love is on your mind and peace within, in what is called looking at the world through rose tinted glasses,  yes its perfect then, yet so many see only chaos and yes when viewed as such is what you get.

Love or fear -  Love creates love, peace and harmony and perfection in everything accepted in love in joy it is experienced for that is your choice.

Fear born of guilt and doubt brings about disharmony unhappiness depression anger and destructive behaviour, and it is a choice that comes down to a misunderstanding of love.

This misunderstanding is based on judgment, righteous indignation and a belief in right and wrong, that has forgotten acceptance and love.  Yet it is so easy to slip into this state of mind, for so many beliefs have led you there over many lifetimes.

Chaos is as important as love in fact they are the same for only love exists.  And for you to fully experience life in a body you created diversity.  This master plan is working very well in this polarized world that we created in co-existence in this magnificent performance of life within the density of matter that derives from the compression of nothing the final element,  now know as presence and becoming more due to the world of experience.

Love your way home in its many versions of you and accepted as such in the multiple persons of you.


Love and Light Archangel Michael