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May 2016 Messages

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Good afternoon to you all.

Be open in your heart to you. Let love’s presence fill your whole being in this time of renewal. Treat your body gently with loving care, as it is adjusting to the higher vibration that the soul is inviting into the body, as the spirits presence is increasing. This is assisted by planetary alignment. And now it is about self-acceptance of the body attempting to adjust to this higher frequency.

It is simply growing pains, so flow with it. The density of body is lessened to bring you into a more ethereal form of refinement with the density of the world you have created on planet earth. Please do not worry about the earth for she is adjusting very well in spite of your worldly creations.

Many of the earth inhabitants are adjusting and this is misunderstood by many people because many kinds of species are depleting. Worry no more. Everything is evolving as it should. You will understand eventually since that aspect of you that is still awakening. Now concentrate on loving you and all will be well. Let this evolution of matter do its own thing, while your true self is revealed to you by your acceptance of this ever evolving life you are experiencing.

Peace becomes you when you allow life to unfold with loving acceptance. You are capable of seeing with the eyes of love. Let beauty be revealed in all of your worldly creations.   Welcome the abundance of joy that you are creating in love. And it may feel as if your creation is embracing you in the joy of your abundant creation. Step back and look at all you are achieving as you allow love into your creation.

Feel the creative joy as the beauty of you is revealed in all that surrounds you.

Yes! accept your magnificence in all that you are,  

for love is the answer to self-realization.


Archangel Michael


Thurs., May 5, 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

A greeting of love to you all.

Let the greeting of love open your heart resting your mind from all those thoughts of doing this and that. As peace from the heart reaches your thoughts let them settle there. Recognize how wonderful you are as you identify the unique aspects of you. In this state of wonder is a gift you may now freely share with the ‘One’ in all spread throughout your world.

Share the secret of you. Yes, the one you tried to hide even from yourself. The truth about how much you love the incredible person that you are. This love fills the airways with vibrant multi colours. This gift you are sharing with everyone, every magnificent being on earth.

Does this give you an idea of how important it is to lovingly accept all of you in the spirit of One? There is no greater gift that you can give everyone than the love of you, since every soul sings the same song of love. Listen to the songs of nature: – birds singing, the chirp of crickets, frogs croaking, and the raucous crow as they spontaneously share their own love songs. 

Participate in this celebration of life, this sound of joy. The celestial universe merges heaven and earth in you, and creates perfect harmony. Now hold on to that since this is you in your magnificence.  This is who you are becoming on this journey so live it with pride.  The freedom to be yourself is manifested in everything that you create in this moment. This demonstrates how you are the divine creator with the multiple facets of the One.

How far can you go in this self-discovery of you? It is limitless. Keep expanding into limitless you. 

This limitlessness is unlimited since infinity can never be filled.

Bring everyone home into the One Moment of Bliss.


Archangel Michael


Live light,

Travel light,

Spread the light.

Be the light.


Archangel Michael


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Mary

Dear Mothers,

What an honour it is to be a new mother and to bring new life into your life, especially when it is your first child. My first child came two weeks early. It was a beautiful spring morning with new growth everywhere. Joseph and I went for a walk much against my mother Anna’s advice. We set off hand in hand with a picnic basket full of food. As the morning turned to noon I asked Joseph to take a break. I was feeling some strong movements in my tummy. 

As we sat down to eat my water broke and the contractions began. We were at least three hours from home and we were not sure what to do. At that moment Joseph spotted a shepherd’s hut. We decided to go there out of the sun, and have the baby. It all made sense at that time. 

By the time we got there my labour was well on the way. Joseph arranges a place for me to squat and so far we were just fine. We were not afraid. Outside the hut we heard the sound of sheep and the voice of women. Joseph went out to see who was there and came back with an older woman. She took charge of me so that I was ready to give birth. Jesus was borne an hour later.

What Joy! 

Never before had I ever felt such joy! My baby boy, oh he was so beautiful! I took him to my breast to let him suckle as I had seen my mother do many times. 

Then I was wondering about getting him home as evening was setting in. I felt too tired to travel so the woman named Mirra sent one of her sons to let my parents know that I was alright, and I planned to see them in the morning.

This is the story of the birth of Jesus, as I, Mary remember it. I later realized how trust had allowed the circumstances around Jesus’ birth to fall into place. 

We had no fear, just a lot of love. 

Love is the answer, oh yes it is.

Mary, Mother of Jesus


Thurs., May 12, 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Jesus

Dear People of the Sanctuary,

It is with great love that I bring to you tonight, along with the many who have graduated from Planet Earth, this message of love. We are placing a vibrant mantel around you, giving you a sense of your own holy state. We are giving you an example of what you do when you lovingly heal another with your presence of unconditional love and acceptance. This love is all revealing. Both of you can sense your connection as One in Spirit. It is in this cocoon of love light and colour where a sense of well-being happens. It is like a radioactive treatment that excites all the cells and molecules in a body that have become stuck together. This could be due to guilt and a lack of self-love which come from the misconception that you are sinful.

Let love wash away this terrible lie that has plagued the lives of so many. It is not true that you were born in sin. You were born into the wonders of experiential life. Accept that you are a divine presence in a body, having fun, free from the lies of sin. Let love set you free.  Accept the truth that you are multiple manifestations of the Divine Creator in a body. We are sharing with you some insights into this circle of love that you are so close to graduating into. Guilt is a blasphemy to you and every living experience on earth. You can rise out of the ashes of doubt into enlightenment. Then you are free to love every aspect of you with joyful self-acceptance.

As you sit here tonight let us be present to you like your loving big brother and sister who has graduated and is willing to share their wisdom with you. This wisdom is sparking your unique frequency of love. Accept who you are and every living soul on earth, and beyond, as yourself.

Let this concept of the One grow in your mind as the heart-soul is backing you up towards complete enlightenment.

Jesus and fellow graduates


Sunday, May 15, 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Raphael

Dear People Of the Light,

Peace be with you as love leads the way. It is love that accepts every act you do each day, that is free of self-judgment, for as you judge yourself, so you judge all others. As when you love you, just as you are, living a perfect life, and you are at peace with the world that you had judged in a misunderstanding of you as the Divine Essence of God along with every facet of The One.

Life becomes a joy to experience when you live in harmony with all of creation. This is your creation in every moment, whether you do this consciously or unconsciously, so let's love it all, as the greatest gift you ever created in each moment.

Let go of the past that never was and stop worrying about the future that will never happen, for there is only a now moment. This is not easy for you to conceive, so let it grow within you as a newborn idea, and as this idea of being in the now grows into intellectual acceptance your creation in the moment will be a delight.

So take baby steps, one tottering step at a time, for time you have for it was one of your creations that you can start letting go of, for it's in the past and has served its purpose for you to experience life in it is multiple aspects of you. Look around you slowly, take it in, this your creation that you are sharing with the multiple aspects of creation. Take it in with joy at its wonder, become It – it's you.

Feel overwhelmed, yes it will feel that way so just be overwhelmed for it's just another experience of life in a body, who is trying to find your way home in all of You. This is your magnificence as your creation is manifest within You, as you awaken to your true potential.

And Love is the answer.

Archangel Raphael


Thurs., May 19, 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Dear Lovers,

It is the love that you share that is bringing balance in your world.  As the new creators you have brought love to a higher vibration. It is this love that is all embracing, that has advanced the timetable for all of humanity. So, keep it up, as though you can help it, for lovers you are, to the new beginning of Life into infinity.

Maybe now you will accept the power of love, even in such a small group of people, can change the movement of time and space. This is exactly what you have done in your connection with other Love Centers across the planet, and beyond. This link of love presence and acceptance goes far beyond your present consciousness. It makes no difference to the outcome, because at the soul level of pure consciousness it is understood.

This shift in time and space brings you all to a better understanding of the ‘Now’ moment. This is the one collective moment where all of creation comes to itself as one. the vibration in these words will bring you all to a better understanding of the events that are unfolding. These are soul words that come to you as vibrations and require a stillness of mind. The mind is not yet capable of comprehending non-verbal information at this time. This requires the opening of the greater part of the brain.

The children of now are bringing this vibration into your midst. Be attentive to them because they will lead the way towards complete awakening. And all it takes as Love and this includes accepting everyone as ‘One Within the Whole of Life’. Be at peace as Love wraps its arms around you. 

Recognize that the Love within will enrich your life as you move towards an even higher vibration. In essence you become the ‘hum’ of life eternal.

So keep on loving you and the One Love in everyone.

Archangel Michael


Sunday May 22 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Greetings people of the Earth,

It is the planet earth that we will look at tonight. For are you not the planet, the universe, yes you are the creation of it all. Yet for the most part you are unaware of this. This living being, the earth, you live upon is totally independent. She is aware of your presence as part of the whole, yet not subject to any control by others. All weather events that occur are done without any consciousness of human frailty. You also are not conscious of how many living creatures and their homes you disturb when you dig a garden.

It is the lack of consciousness that has separated you from who you are. Yet, a small number of people are becoming more conscious and awakening you and others to be at one with creation.

When storms occur and lead to floods; When wind blows tearing down bridges – this is similar to you digging your garden, or even worse, plowing the ground to grow food. As you plan for tomorrow’s food, so does the earth keep a balance to maintain herself, without regard for of all who live here, because she sees the big picture.

Now try to accept who you are and become conscious of the big picture. This includes accepting all events as part of you. Become conscious. Awaken to your true potential as the creator of all that is. Try to see the big picture and see yourself full of live and vigour, and manifesting the life that you desire.

Rejoice with every storm. Recognize the power that is also part of you. You may be free of guilt, knowing that life is eternal; nothing dies in this ever evolving creation of life. You will see how much easier life becomes when you accept your true identity. When you are free of guilt and fear you become more ‘god –like’ and can accept life as it is.

Look deep inside of yourself; even deeper until you sense the whole of creation within, knowing that you are one with all that is. As you feel the expansion of yourself recognize how magnificent you are. You are so much more than just a body. You are the Divine Presence of all that is.

Yes, and there you are once more, one of the many, just another body being pushed here and there by some force outside of you. Can you hold on to your true identity - the divine presence of all that is in a human body? 

You can just remind yourself when you say, “I am!”

Archangel Michael


Thurs., May 26, 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Dear people of the Sanctuary,

Blessings upon you and may you bathe in the abundance of life where all that is required is trust. Trust in yourself with self- acceptance as your guide. Love y our way through life with joy along every step of this journey of experience.  Release your doubts. It is crippling your experience of a joyful life and also hampers your abundance. Trust creates love, peace and joy and faith in you. Accept everyone as they are living the experience that is unique to them. Please do not judge anyone because the outcome is chaotic. Be patient and allow love to do its work with gentle acceptance and trust in the outcome.

Sometimes it is difficult to trust that peace will be the outcome, especially when you are attempting to control others whose ideas are contrary to your own. Have fun, live life with joy, instead of taking life too seriously. The consequence of being too serious is fear and guilt. You have a choice. You are a spirit in a body with the intention to experience every aspect of life. 

Therefore it is your choice how to experience life, either with love and peacefulness, or fear and guilt. When you observe another person remember that we are all ‘One’. This person’s presence provides a reflection of you. You may choose to criticize and judge this person, or focus upon their Divine Presence.

Likewise you may choose your attitude towards other events in your life. If it is raining on your day off from work, you may feel sad, or even angry. Instead you could marvel at the incredible wisdom of Planet Earth endeavouring to maintain balance between a drought and a flood. With joy in your heart you may celebrate every season and every kind of weather. You may maintain an attitude of acceptance in every moment, in the spirit of One.

Come on! Love you all in the love collective of One Great Creation that was inspired by an idea, and keeps growing into infinity.

Archangel Michael


Sunday May 29 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Uriel

Dear Friends,

Be at peace as you sit here tonight. Allow yourself to relax into the vibration of this holy place, knowing that you are safe. Let go of any fear and most of any guilt. This is where you can know that Life’s Presence is wrapped around you like a cosy blanket.

Isn’t it nice to feel safe while you renew the self, allowing the Angelic Kingdom to fill you with love and joy. The vibration of peace brings about a clear idea of who you are. Let it sink into every cell of your body and spirit and unite into one expression of love.

Are you ready to open y our heart to a world that is so afraid of love. Be brave as you allow yourself to be the Divine Presence. Others will see this reflected in their souls, and it will awaken the presence of love within each of them. This requires nothing more than being you as you are.

The Sanctuary provides an atmosphere charged with a high vibrational field of pure love and total acceptance. It is a p lace of renewal, recharging you to go forth and live life to the fullest, in calm acceptance of all that you encounter.

If only you could truly see yourself as you walk out of this place so radiant with love. Your vibrations of love are pulsing outwards in wave after wave, as you project the source of Universal Love.

Trusting in you is very important. Such trust carries such a powerful source of vibrational love. When you feel doubt it weakens these vibrations, and your gift of love to others. Be confident as you offer this gift of who you truly are to so many. Trusting yourself is the result of self-acceptance. Be a lover of all life and experience the joy of self-acceptance. You are the expression of the Divine Presence of all that is.

It comes down to this simple truth: gently love you into paradise.

Archangel Uriel