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Spiritual Intuitive & Shamanic Reiki Healer

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Ken is a Spiritual Intuitive & Shamanic Reiki Healer who uses many modalities such as psychometry, I Ching, Tarot, power animals, intuition & mediumship to receive guidance from Ascended Masters, their Personal Guides & Spirit to give guidance regarding their life purpose & to make life decisions;  A Shamanic Healer & Usui, Karuna & Lightarian Reiki Master, in addition utilizes vibrational healing with colour, sound and various energies, channels the client’s Personal Guides, the Arch Angels and Ascended masters – all to activate the natural healing processes of the body to restore emotional and physical well-being.


Quantum Wave Therapy

After 25 years of nursing, Cecile found that alternative medicine was her true interest. Although she is skilled in many modalities in her work, she has specialized in Cold Laser Therapy for 30 years, using the Quantum Wave Laser, which was invented in 1964. Her sessions will be done using this laser that has scalar wave technology, has red, infrared and violet wavelengths for targeted, stronger therapy.

LAURA HASLEN                    
Spirit Hands Healing

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Laura’s spiritual skills span the whole gamut. Here are a few things she offers; call to talk to her about what else she does that will meet your needs. Intuitive Readings from your Angels, Guides, Animal Spirit Guides, and Loved Ones are available through her to help you move forward. Akashic Record Readings [your Book of Life] will give you insight into past and present life patterns, relationships, roles, and soul purpose. Mediumship readings help you to bring healing and closure between you and someone who has passed over. Core Belief Sessions help you work through deep layers of beliefs that hold you back from having more of what you want in quality living. Healing Journeys are vibrationally protected ventures to connect, reconnect and find closure about past and present issues. You may meet a personal Guide and learn about your greater Self and this journey.      


Flame Readings by Lyn

Lyn is a gifted Flame and Psychometry Reader.   Her readings involve a combination of both.  Her intuitive skills allow her to “read” the images found on your flame paper with psychic clarity and Spirit input.   Your reading may include messages that involve both the living and the deceased.   Come and be amazed at the details and the depth of your reading! 



Integrative Energy Therapy


 Michelle developed a love of Angels and a passion for working with them and any entities in the Angelic Realm.

She is a Crystal Healer, and a certified practitioner in Integrated Energy Therapy [IET]. She combines her training and her intuitive gifts in her daily communication with angels through sight and sound, and is thus able to help in the healing of others.




  • Private Practice Holistic Health Practitioner
  • Psychic Medium
  • Certified Counselor and Therapeutic Touch Practitioner
  • Combined Modality Sessions
  • Psychic Readings, After Death Communication
  • Psychometry, Akashic Records Readings
  • Counseling, Therapeutic Touch
  • BodyTalk, Foot Reflexology
  • Breath work, Guided Imagery, Healing Touch
  • Group Readings, Group meditation facilitation
  • Personal meditations created/recorded for you
  • Gift certificates, Skype, Out calls

Akashic Records & Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings include Psychometry, tuning into your current and residual physical & emotional body, can include Reading photos, a check in with the major chakras, breath recognition, encouragement for self awareness and self alignment.

By choice, Life after Life Communication, for people & animals.

The Akashic Records (AR) contain information about your Soul’s journey since your Soul’s inception. Asking questions of your choosing, Sid will tell you what answers she receives from the Masters Teachers and Loved Ones who work with your Record Keepers. Very much a soul attunement Reading.


Mediumship & Psychometry



He has been a psychic, medium and healer for 10 years.

He works with spirit in many ways – psychic readings, flame readings, mediumship, psychometry Reiki and Spiritual healing.

Tarot Readings


Susanne is an intuitive who has done spiritual work all her adult life. She is currently a personal coach, specializing in tribal legacy work for people who want to use their energy and time on earth to fullest effect. She has taught the significance of the various Tarot cards, and has “read” them for decades. She was an original Keeper of The Sanctuary.


Intuitive Massage 


Cal is an empath and a clairvoyant. He has been a Massage Therapist, for 15 years , and is also a Reiki Master, In his work he has helped people uncover deep early emotional wounds and has supported them through their healing stages. He has a private practice and offers Intuitive Massage sessions. Phone or email to make an appointment.



Intuitive Toe Reading


Stories are held as cell memory within the soles and toes of the feet. The “Soul Speaks”. A session with Cynthia invites the stories to come forth from your Soul, by releasing old or blocked energies. With the toe reading, the footbath and the aromatherapy, you will leave feeling more knowledgeable and truly energized.

Reiki Intuitive & Chakra Alignment

Jeff is a recent Usui Reiki Master who is establishing his new practice this year, having transitioned from a career in Auto Body Repair to a Health Care Aide in the Winnipeg region. His Reiki gift is strongly focused on Intuitive Chakra Alignment. In his one hour session, he will open and activate the seven main chakras in order to facilitate effective body and energy functioning. Then, he will move on to specific or full body focused energy. He can help you if you choose to bring energy healing to your health regimen this year. 

He has openings for new clients.

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Freedom Coach


How are you feeling? Stuck? In pain? Having a lot of resistance to change? Jacques’ gift is to help people feel safe and guide them to process what is going on inside them. He assists them in finding the freedom to achieve the health and happiness they seek. He helps them see ways towards manifesting their dreams and their goals.

Jacques is on the Advisory Council of The Sanctuary.



Metaphysician and Body Whisperer


 Joy uses many modalities and skill sets to read the body and the emotions, which might show up as pain. The interaction of her Reiki, her Mediumship, and her deep intuition will move the client towards a transformation. The client will experience a deep sense of Self, as it awakens and surfaces in this safe situation. Within the supportive and encouraging relationship with Joy, one can break through limiting beliefs. One can leave self-doubt behind by getting in touch with the Self, so as to move closer to one’s potential. During the session, some people receive a message from those in spirit, a message that could release entities on both sides of the veil.


Palmistry & Tarot


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Inheriting her great-grandfather’s Palmistry Journal a decade ago led Wendy to explore the subject, along with the Tarot she was already doing. She has eclectic interests – conducts research regarding the effects of music on plants, is an artist doing both painting and sculpting, is a hippy-herbalist at heart, who follows her intuition to work with people and Nature. Her new set of Mindful Herbalism and Palmistry classes will begin in March. Her rural life includes her partner, 2 kids, 2 cats and 1 dog.



Energy Healing with Crystals


All living beings have an energy system and Lorraine has been taught to smooth out the wrinkles to the benefits of the client’s body, mind and spirit. She combines her training in Reiki with her sensitivity and knowledge of crystals to give a powerful healing experience to her clients. This is done with Universal Energy and the guidance from entities who are ascended beings of Love, Light and Healing.

Lorraine is on the Advisory Council of The Sanctuary.


Reading Tea Leaves        

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Reiki & Tarot

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