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I was wondering the energy clearing and healing in the area of The Vortex. Is this more meditation, group or individual? Is this the area what you would recommend, for a person who wants to learn to be more mindful, present and move forward and forgive decisions and circumstances from negative issues from the past, that are holding them back?

At our Sanctuary we have enhanced an existing vortex of Earth energy, and we use it every time we gather in our circle.
Naturally, when we are feeling loving and aligned, we add our highest vibrations to this vortex area.
When we are feeling low, and sad, or angry or unwell, we can access the healing energies of this Vortex and use them to help us move back towards wholeness.

During all of our meditations, [Wed am 10 - 11:30, Thursday 7:30 - 9:30 pm, Sunday 1:30 - 3:00 pm], we sit around the vortex or centre of our circle/oval, and our energies connect with each other. Those who have higher vibrations will boost up the others. Those with lower vibrations will drag down the others a bit, until we all come together in acceptance and in love.

Any kind of meditation will help you to become more mindful, and then that becomes a way you learn to live all the hours of your day - in mindful awareness.

Being mindful is a good way to keep being present in the moment.
Being in the moment keeps you from fretting over events of the past; they are finished, completed, and all the worrying or replaying of them will not change a thing for the better. In this moment, those negative things do not matter. They have not happened IN THIS MOMENT, so if you remain present, then they did not happen. So one need not waste time and energy on things that did not happen. To fret and stew over stuff is a choice; it is not mandatory.

We are always held back if we decide we must hang onto situations and feelings from the past - especially if they are ones that made us feel hurt or betrayed or taken advantage of.

If you are asking these questions, Vicky, then you sound ready to deal with issues which have been blocking your spiritual growth, and which may have been hampering you in relationship building and clearing.

Why not invest a Thursday evening  for 2 hours, and come join our group for a Sound meditation? That means we will have a period of drumming, then of aumming, then we play the crystal bowls before we sit in silence. Following the silence, we have a healing session for 6 people - whoever gets into the chairs first. Then we have sharing and announcements. It goes by quickly, and it is an opportunity to really let a lot of junk go by releasing it into the vortex.
If you want to chat with me a bit, call me at 204-897-7183.