Winnipeg, MB 

Santuary  'Virtual' Network

peace, harmony, and spiritual support!   

Rose  now supports  the
Sanctuary Virtual Network.  
She co-facilitates the 
Monday Meditation 
at the Unity Center.  

Rose was very active at The Sanctuary at the SNAC. 

Two events she facilitated are:

 1. Spa Day

For The Soul  


 2. Evolutionary Discussion Circle

  • The focus was our personal and collective journey to build our inner strengths, share our gifts, and to develop Spiritual community.
  • Any person in the circle  could bring and share their inspiration of the moment on their particular evolutionary journey!
  • Barbara Mark Hubbard's writings were the source of many discussions.
Barbara Marx Hubbard is an Evolutionary Woman.

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Contact Information

: Rose 204-333-2249