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September 2016 Messages

Thurs. Sept. 1, 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael and Jesus

Dear People of the Light,

Be at peace, as you shine your light to bring love light wherever you are. When you consciously send this you can reach the stars. Love is infectious and limitless when you atop a moment and open that beacon of love-light to freely flow wave after wave. The effect is immense and all it took was a brief moment. As souls are enlightened by love light the effect is limitless. This is a part of what you choose to do for all the people of Earth.  You are awakening them from the long sleep of experiential life as angel of light, and you bring this to the One of creation. This affects all life far beyond your planet. It creates a cumulating moment of a celestial body fully awakened. Yes, you did choose to do this, each and every one of you, and are doing all the time, when the collective of eternal life is brought into consciousness of love light.

And all you people of light have to do is just be. Yes, just be yourself, in the perfection of acceptance of all life, embracing them all, even that annoying mosquitoes – now there is a challenge for you. It is up to you to discover how to lovingly accept mosquitoes, and become free of that annoyance.

Be free. Live free, as you let go of enslavement to worldly needs and wants. Open your heart to the abundance of life. This is limitless when you let go of that frightened mind that lives in the past. Open the mind to the gift of life and allow it let go of all the misunderstandings that were perceived as bad experiences. Instead view the past as a journey that enabled you to become who you really are, through the many gifts that you created in the love light.

Love is eternal as you are.

Archangel Michael and Jesus


Thurs. Sept. 8 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Dear friends of the light and dark,

As you are embracing life in all of its manifestations, you may be unaware of how you have touched the lives around you, just by being you and living life to the fullest. We, who are you, as the collective of life, are creating every moment towards the completion of this phase of the journey of life in its present form. Everyone plays an integral role in this. You are aware that the hierarchal system, and the different classes in society, have led to many misunderstandings about the value of each individual person. In the overall balance of life, even the very least of humanity is just as significant as the one with the most status.

When one person takes it upon himself to be in a position of power over another, or over many, this creates an imbalance. Worldwide many people are challenging those in power, and crying out for peace. They believe that every person, every animal, every living thing is equal and deserve love and respect. Embrace the idea that we are all One In Spirit, the physical expression of the Divine Spirit, or God. God is Life, and Life is God. Many people separate one from the other. They are unable to accept the divinity of being the expression of God in physical form, or God in a body. They prefer to think of God as separate, and outside of themselves. This denies the oneness of life.

You have a choice. You can perceive yourself as a helpless human being awaiting the outcome determined by some outside source. You may believe that this powerful source will deliver you from your miserable state of bondage. On the other hand, you can recognize this as self-imposed bondage. Then, as you strive to become an individual and unique expression of the Divine Spirit, this life force changes your world. Instead of worshiping a God, external to yourself, you will embrace your own divinity. Be brave and willing to change. Life is ever evolving towards completion.

Love is the answer. God is Love.

Say ”I am” and know that you are one with God, and all that is.

Say this every day and gradually you will accept yourself as you are.

Archangel Michael


Sunday Sept. 11 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

May peace be with you.

Peace is inner acceptance, self-love. It is about unconditional love of yourself. This is when everyone is seen as perfect and there are no exceptions to this. Every person can be described as an expression the Divine Spirit as “God in a body”. This also applies to every living creature, every rock plant, tree, the wind, the sun, and the stars. Each composes the collective of all that is. The Divine Spirit, God, cannot be divided, and the presence of Divine Love is everywhere.

Change your mind about judging others, and make more of an effort to be loving. Make the acceptance of yourself and others, the rule, not the exception. Peacefulness will be a part of your normal state of being, as you experience the simple joy of being alive.

Release those old ideas about judging, blaming, and criticizing others. Realize that in a sense you are judging God’s presence in everyone. Become more willing to love yourself, and accept every part of you. Recognize that every reflection or projection of yourself that you perceive outside of you is also an expression of The Divine Spirit. It is all beautiful when seen by the heart-soul.

There is very much crime and violence worldwide. The world cries out for peace, and in doing so creates confusion. It is a judgement that there is not peace in the world. On that premise peace can never happen. Now try to let go of any kind of judgements, and guilt. Then we may walk in freedom where no evil ever was, with love as our guide. For ours is the kingdom, the power and the glory.

Creator you are, so start creating peace and joy within yourself. Dismiss ideas that you are a sinful person because this causes guilt and unhappiness, and leads to depression. Inner joy comes from self-acceptance, and sense of well-being, free of guilt. 

Change your mind and let go of guilt and fear. Embrace the God-self within you. You are One with God and One with all there is. Be secure in who you are, and accept those who have delusions of themselves. Be gentle with them because they are venerable in their delusion. Recognize Life as the Divine Gift that you have given yourself, and can offer to others.

Archangel Michael


Thurs. Sept. 15, 2016
Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Blessings upon you,

‘People of Light’, Why are you addressed so? For everyone is a light person. Yes, that is true, yet as you find and accept the God in you, your divine essence, your light becomes even brighter, and your presence among other people more effectual. Yes, you are the awakening light vibration that with so much love entered this space of earth in its time of transition.

There is a lot of excitement among the star gazers who are watching the galaxy and especially the Milky Way and its expansion. This has just been revealed to them. They are not able to link this expansion with what is happening with the people of earth, who are in such rapid growth. Also, our galaxy is consuming many planetary systems in its expansion. This is causing a evolution, unlike any other that happened before.

Who is causing all this growth? Yes, it is you, all of you right down to the lowest person on the totem pole. Every person has their unique role to play in this transmission of becoming. Whatever happens in the universe is influenced by you, as the One in Spirit. No matter how much you believe in separation you are One in Spirit.  The idea that you are the universe, and much more might be too much to take in right now.

Make an effort to accept all that you can be as you let the heart, the seat of the soul, be heard in the quiet of the mind while the ego is at rest. Then you can drift into a blissful state of meditation. You may encounter a ‘near life’ experience where you touch the ‘One of Spirit’ that is you without a body, and you did not die. You found life, or very close to it; the eternal person of you in the collective of spirit. This can be one of the many gifts that come from meditation in a group such as yours. Value this place of peace and this haven of loving acceptance. Guide yourself into awakening to who you are. You are the Divine Presence creator of all, and yes little by little you are accepting this of yourself.

Be joyful as you let love lead the way bringing about trust in you and accepting all that you are becoming. As you awaken to the true self of Divine Love that embraces everyone as you, experience life in a body with joy, as you love you into life.

Love is the answer.

Archangel Michael


Sunday Sept 18 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Jesus

Dear People of the Light,

Yes, the light that shines around you, it is the light that is the real you, and it comes from the soul within your heart. Sometimes you may wonder what is real, and what is an illusion? All matter was once an idea; and is created out of the power of thought. This was created for experiencing life in form. Some believe that all your really are is the physical form. Others, on the other hand can sense or see the energy field, or Aura of Light, that emanates around all matter.

The belief that we are simply a body existing from day to day is very limiting. It does not consider the evolution of human kind. This is an illusion. The reality is that each human being is an eternal Being Of Light, embodied in a human form. This is often referred to as your ‘True Self’.

Establish a relationship with your True Self, your Light Being, the Spirit Of Divine Presence. Become willing to perceive parts of yourself in all others. Believe that essentially we are all ‘One’. It is so easy to say that we are all ‘One’, but not so easy to live it. When referring to someone with whom you have had a frustrating conversation, you may exclaim, “If we are all one, then how can I be that annoying person?” The reality is that you see a reflection of yourself in another person’s behaviour. What you find annoying could remind you about something in yourself that disturbs you. As you establish a better relationship with your True Self, and eventually understand that on a spiritual level we are all ‘One’, it is easier to tolerate our different human characteristics, and enjoy greater peace of mind.

Time is also an illusion. You are living in every form at the same moment. It is all happening in one moment of now. This is a difficult concept to grasp because most of you desire to be in the past or planning for the future. However, during meditation you may discover that moment, when you are present in the here and now, even if it is just a moment.

You are experiencing the greatest show on earth, acting out to produce an evolution so big it is beyond your wildest dreams. At the level of consciousness that comes from meditating you may get in touch with the Oneness Of The Divine Spirit. One way to describe this is that you are an expression the Divine Spirit as “God in a body” as is every living thing. Avoid judging yourself. 

Love yourself because you are all there is.



Thurs. Sept 22 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Uriel

Dear Friends,

Be at peace as you sit here tonight. Allow yourself to relax into the vibration of this holy place, knowing that you are safe. Let go of any fear and most of any guilt. This is where you can know that Life’s Presence is wrapped around you like a cozy blanket.

Isn’t it nice to feel safe while you renew the self, allowing the Angelic Kingdom to fill you with love and joy. The vibration of peace brings about a clear idea of who you are. Let it sink into every cell of your body and spirit and unite into one expression of love.

Are you ready to open y our heart to a world that is so afraid of love. Be brave as you allow yourself to be the Divine Presence. Others will see this reflected in their souls, and it will awaken the presence of love within each of them. This requires nothing more than being you as you are.

The Sanctuary provides an atmosphere charged with a high vibrational field of pure love and total acceptance. It is a p lace of renewal, recharging you to go forth and live life to the fullest, in calm acceptance of all that you encounter.

If only you could truly see yourself as you walk out of this place so radiant with love. Your vibrations of love are pulsing outwards in wave after wave, as you project the source of Universal Love.

Trusting in you is very important. Such trust carries such a powerful source of vibrational love. When you feel doubt it weakens these vibrations, and your gift of love to others. Be confident as you offer this gift of who you truly are to so many. Trusting yourself is the result of self-acceptance. Be a lover of all life and experience the joy of self-acceptance. You are the expression of the Divine Presence of all that is.

It comes down to this simple truth: gently love you into paradise.

Archangel Uriel


Sunday Sept 25 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Holy are you, and holy is your calling. All of humanity awaits you as you clear away the cobwebs of the past, to be ready to be present NOW in yourself. We ask you to begin this year of awakening by becoming the observer of yourself - your body in action, while you, in spirit, observe. Be gentle with yourself as you practice the observer role, doing so for just a few minutes at a time, until you find this to becomes as normal as breathing.

Now, you will become an observer of Life, as do those in Spirit. You and we will become comrades, like intimate friends.

As you will see, this is so important to your chosen path as The Awakeners of Spirit in all of humanity. Be aware that all other Life, in all its existing forms, will be assisting you ,and assisting The Kingdom of The Enlightened.

Soon, you will find yourselves at one with Sprit and with the whole of Creation. Allow, let go, let it happen. Surrender to the True Self, allowing Spirit to envelop you away from need of Body. Yes, let go gently. Let Body be the vehicle that you use for now. For, in time, as you know it now, the Body will go through a transformation as it adapts to its new role – to be at one with you in your magnificence.

For, now you are in Body, and yet, all that has been said, already is, in the moment of Now.

Yes, let go, we say again. Let go and trust in the Divine presence that is present to you as never before. In all of your history, you have never been so close to your Divinity as you are right now.

Rejoice in the person you are becoming. You are going to have a little trouble adjusting in the beginnings of this new year, because the remnants of guilt and old memories will sneak in when you least expect them.

Let yourself go back into this, and start to find out how it benefits you to become more aware of who you were becoming before. And, now you are ready to embrace this so that you can move on.

Misunderstanding of Life’s journey can be so detrimental to the physical Body. This can make it very difficult to move onto the Spiritual journey.

As has been said many times, “Love you, as you have never done before. Love you, the Divine presence of God”. This means loving God as you are. How could you not love this magnificent person that you are? As we love you, then, so then may you accept yourself.

We are the magnificence that you are, and, as you accept this of yourself, so do you honour us.

Archangel Michael


Thurs. Sept. 29 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangels Michael and Raphael

Greetings to you all,

Can you visualize a new age where love is predominant, and prevails over fear? Accept all that you perceive with an uncluttered mind free of judging. Judgment closes the mind. Realize that a part of you is reflected in all you see. See the beauty, see the ugly, see the anger, see the love, and see the fear. Yes, look at all you are and rejoice. Free of judgement and with an open mind to all your experiences, recognize that you are part of the multiple expressions of the One Consciousness, the Divine Presence.

There is nothing you are not. You are the collective of all that is. Come now and absorb this into that mind that is so afraid of being the Divine Presence. Let go of any ideas of separation as you embrace the One Consciousness. Then you are free, living in the harmonious joy of a perfect world. Yes a perfect world. It is, for it is the Divine Presence experiencing without any restrictions of fear, of need, or want. This is you who created it to become that which you were not, into what you are becoming now. You are the ever expanding, ever evolving presence of the Divine Creation of life.

At the moment of your conception your life journey began as a body and the person you would develop into started at that moment. This is where for many there are unhappy memories, about when parents made mistakes. Yes, they made mistakes even before you were born. Perhaps you could consider that they did not make any mistakes at all. Perhaps they were unconsciously gifting you with the personality that you would become, and many others would also have a part in this.

It is the misunderstanding of mistakes that lead to unhappiness. However, there is joy when you find the gift in all your experiences. In this experience of time you can look back and readjust your perception of past memories to a more favourable one. This can be done easily when you no longer wish to experience the pain, and discover the gift, and how your personality developed as a result of the gift.

Maybe you were beaten or even worse, and then this led to an internal battle with that memory. Then you decide one day, "I am moving on past this memory and the pain it has caused!" This is when you begin to experience a whole new way of living. Also you begin to attract very different people into your life. Now recall the past and say, "Thank you!" because it was all of your past experiences that led you to where you are now.

The Sanctuary is a place where the joy of life is found and where acceptance of each person is the norm. At The Sanctuary 'love' in its many forms is expressed, such as 'tough-love', 'sweet-love', doubtful-love', 'self-love', and so on. Be at peace with yourself. Do not let the world of fear invade your peace of mind. Do not contemplate the idea of violence, nor support thoughts about war, even when it may seem justified. Violence in any form does not achieve peace.

Peace is the inner state where love is the guide and joy is the outcome. When conflict occurs, see it as labour pains, that will give birth to a new life. In the world of everyday experience, anything goes. Consider it just that – ‘an experience’. Realize that the influence of many, many parts sway the difference.

Centre your thoughts in your 'heart', knowing that as you let go of fear all will be well. As you project love you will accept the outcome of what happens in the moment. Judge not. See the big picture. Remember that you are the Divine Presence having a human experience in a physical body. Give birth to a new age where love is predominant, and prevails over fear.

Love is the acceptance of everything, since the source of everything is the One Consciousness, Love.

Michael and Raphael