Winnipeg, MB 

Santuary  'Virtual' Network

peace, harmony, and spiritual support!   

Thursday Evening Meditation


The meditation is held in the basement

of Lorraine Gauthier's home.

Address: 75 Garwick Cove, Winnipeg

Jillian is playing the Crystal 'Singing' Bowls

First whomever is leading the meditation Opens the Circle.

The meditation practice includes time designated for drumming, aumming and absorbing the 'sound vibrations' from someone playing the crystal bowls.

This is followed by a period of silence for personal deeper meditation and/or contemplation. 

After the meditation practice someone Closes the Circle.

Then we take a break for a cup of tea., etc.

After this we resume with a discussion on a spiritual topic.


The sound vibrations from the crystal bowls may

  • Help to release energy blocks and reduce tension,
  • Stimulate the glandular system to a higher level of functioning.
  • Clear the nerve endings and regenerate the parasympathetic system
  • Break up emotional, physiological and spiritual blockages.