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Tom Kenyon May Workshop

Friday Night       May 19, 2017      7:00 - 9:00

 Saturday      May 20, 2017           10:00 - 3:30 

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$80.00 at the door and $50.00 if you pre-register

Entering the Buddha Fields

Just for clarification: 
  • Tom Kenyon does not appear in person. We listen to his talks and enjoy his meditations from a CD recording. 
Enter into the mystery and enchantment of these rare teachings and sound transmissions from the realms of pure light and sound (known as the Sambhogakaya in Tibetan Buddhism).
Tom explores the enigmatic teachings of the Great Perfection and channeled sound codes from various tutelary (meditation) deities for the purposes of spiritual empowerment, illumination and self-liberation.
This set of recordings captures the magic of this unusual meditation retreat.

The single cd "Song of the Dharma", is included in the recordings.

Suggested readings:
"As It Is", Vol. 1 and 2 by Tulku Urgyen, ChokyiNyima Rimpoche et al.
A series of inspiring and practical Dharma teachings on Dzoghcen.
"The Fearless Lion's Roar" by Nyoshul Khempo.
This treasure includes inspired talks and precious writings.


Tom Kenyon – The Art of Egyptian High Alchemy

Meditation and discussion about the mythic aspects of the  Egyptian Alchemical System

link    You may learn how to align your  'Etheric' or 'Spiritual Self'  with your  'Celestial Soul'

Date -Time - Cost

Friday Evening,    March 3           7:30 PM  - 9:30 PM

Saturday All Day,  March 4           9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

There is one payment for both dates. It is  either $50.00 for Early Bird, or $80.00 Regular Price.

  Contact Lorraine: Phone(204) 253-9418     Email: [email protected]       or Email The Sanctuary : sanctuary.[email protected] 

Tom Kenyon – The Art of Egyptian High Alchemy


In this series, Tom speaks to the mythic aspects of the Egyptian alchemical system. Then he explores some of the parallels between the “secrets” of Egyptian Alchemy and the more recent discoveries of neuropsychology and quantum physics. We can learn how to align our BA with your Ka to generate illuminated states and deep spiritual insight. [ Your Ba is your Celestial Soul, and your Ka is your Etheric Twin or your Spiritual

Egyptian High Alchemy is system of internal alchemy based upon the understandings of ancient Egypt. 

This relationship between the individual and his or her “higher aspects” insures that the powers gained through strengthening of the KA or "energy body"  are used for the benefit of both oneself and others and also greatly inhibits the misuse of personal power.

Ascension refers to a movement upward in consciousness, specifically through a direct connection with your BA "Celestial Soul", which transcends time and space. 


Internal Alchemy is a system of working internally to transform “elements of the psyche” and to change base energies (symbolized as lead) into psychological and spiritual illumination (symbolized by gold).


The three fundamental elements are:

  1. That which is to be transformed, (i.e. those aspects of the psyche that prevent personal illumination)
  2. That which contains the alchemical transformation (i.e., the subtle energy body of the individual)
  3. A source of energy, which is often—but not always—a form of subtle energy drawn from other dimensions of consciousness.

Who Is Tom Kenyon?

"One of the most respected sound healers in the world today. "   link

Tom Kenyon on Youtube 
  • psychotherapist — musician — songwriter
  • singer — sound shaman — author
  • teacher — scientist — sound healer

Tom Kenyon – Orcas Island Interview

Article Archives  link

  •  He is  the man with a voice that spans 4 octaves, the man who channels both the Hathors and the Arcturians 
  • He is  the man who was a psychologist and a man of science before moving into the spiritual field.
  • He has studied the major forms of religion and the main spiritual traditions.
  • He has carefully put together workshops to help others learn some of these things.

Watch: Song of the New Earth by Tom Kenyon and the Power of Sound  YOUTUBE LINK

Follows one man's quest to integrate modern science and ancient mysticism through sound. 

It features the extraordinary life and work of a country singer,  Tom Kenyon,  turned brain scientist and shaman of sound.


Acoustic Brain Research

Acoustic brain research
The articles, reports and studies that Tom has shared assembled at the thought of freely flowing information. The information is essentially teaching and gives people hope a glimpse into the workings of the brain as a response to sound and music, as well as an understanding of acoustic brain (ABR) in the psycho-technological field. A few of the scientific principles of his work, Tom also happy to explain, he sees science as an extremely service-oriented method to support his work. A few of the basic principles in this area we find on his website. Essentially, there are three types of information in science:

Anecdotal results via individuals in the form of reports
Pilot studies, which also have the anecdote-shape and finally of course the Controlled studies.

Controlled studies:
The scientific method requires the quantification of the means is measured. This creates constitutes an objective standard, which is the basis of all scientific research. Without this quantification means you have no knowledge. And psycho-acoustic recordings that are included in the library of the ABR, is used by therapists and citizens in the whole world. In some cases this is done for more than 28 years, since its establishment in 1983. The result is that we of course a huge amount of scientific, anecdotal reports.

1.      Anecdotal studies:

People all over the world send their experiences, they have been working with the ABR recordings and - programs. Tom Kenyon finds it very nice to get so many positive messages, but realizes that his subjective reports of individuals and that there is therefore no quantification of these data. From a scientific perspective, it is indeed possible to view the data from the anecdotal reports and to derive indications of a possible focus-or attention towards further development, but these types of information have no scientific significance. It comes again 'to measure is to know ".

2.      Pilot study:

 This study often involves a very small group of people, sometimes only one, and the study of this group is often called anecdotal. There is then always used a particular method of measurement, so this type of study a little bit more the show scientific significance and reliability than the anecdotal studies. The primary method used by the ABR group to examine their technology, which came to the foundation lie of the ABR psychoacoustic Audible recordings, which the brain in the form of mapping of a brain-EEC topographic map. This method provides a source of statistical information on the state of the brain in the superficial areas of it, like the neo-cortex. As part of this study were done often small anecdotal onderzoekjes, when a new feature was developed from the mind-Audible technology. Tom Kenyon is very clear that although pilot studies show a sort of average of quantification, his group anyway it to conclusion seize, to generalize by too quickly. In particular, by projecting the results of one or a few individuals in the total group. And then of course, the third form of scientific research around the corner:

3. Controlled Study.

In this method of investigation is essential that there is examined a large group. Precisely because of the large number of research results, stands in his scientists to project these results to the entire population. Or, in other words, the results of one or a few individuals of the study, can be predicted for the total population. Which of course this research formed the sample. It is likely that a large group of people will experience the same results of the ABR psychoacoustic Audible technology.

ABR-technology is for the most part based on this mode of scientific research. With a few exceptions so on clinical observations and pilot studies. The results of these small studies were then again to the base of larger, controlled study groups. This is mainly done in the office of the ABR, in individual or group sessions. But also by other therapists, all over the world. 

Psychoacoustics in recent years has increased enormously; there is interest from all walks of humanity. Ordinary citizens, therapists, medical researchers and professionals in the mental health show great interest. It's Tom Kenyon with his scientific background and his unprecedented sound frequencies talent is able to bridge the gap to a scientifically accurate way of personal transformation, through this emerging technology.


1. Kundalini Rising:

In the traditions of India and Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini Shakti is the Goddess - the primal form of consciousness, and her ascension leads to illumination and enlightenment. The feminine can and will rise according to her own intelligence and volition, and need not be forced to move.


3. Biophotonic Human:

2. Entering The Mandala:

Without the need to embrace any particular philosophy or spiritual tradition, we can participate in a Chitananda Tantra meditation retreat that explores the knowledge of bliss. Tom creates this tantra by melding together influences from many yoga traditions, Buddhism, Taoism/ Daoism, and Shamanism.


3. Biophotonic Human:

Tom explains some hard science so we come to learn what biophotons are, how to activate their network, and to elevate our consciousness. In this material Tom brings in both the Hathors and the Arcturians, and they deliver precise sounds to activate our biophotons, which are emitted from our bodily cells and from our DNA.

4.The Art of Egyptian High Alchemy:

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