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Winter Solstice 2014

"Flavors of lndia"


Nandita Selvanathan and Rhanissa Hirawan

The "Flavors of lndia" includes Nandita Selvanathan (musician) and Rhanissa Hirawan (dancer).

Nandita played the lndian Raagathe on a Hawiian Guitar. Rhanissa integrated her graceful dance movements with the music created by Nandit "Bhairav". The dance is a morning Raaga depicting the advent of light and removal of darkness as the sun rises. We can compare it with the manifestation of our own positivity.
Rhanissa is a trained and talented dancer from Indonesia. She has been organizing and performing in different venues throughout Winnipeg, Manitoba

"Nandita Selvanatha is a musician from India trained in Indian Classical, Tagore’s music, and folk songs as well as popular songs of other Indian styles. After moving to Winnipeg more than ten years ago, she began a school in her community where she has been teaching Tagore’s music as well as Indian Classical music." from the website

Justin Jaron Lewis

He is an Associate Professor in the U. of M.'s Department of Religion, researching and teaching on topics including narrative and mysticism.
Justin's writings can be found at

Jane Enkin

She is a singer, songwriter and storyteller. She hosts a women's group at the Shaarey Zedek Synagogue. Her CDs are You Are The Ocean, with her original songs and traditional ballads, and Lider Fun Amol - Yiddish Songs We Love To Sing.

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