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Laurie MacKenzie   and    llena Zaramba

Laurie MacKenzie was invited by Illena to accompany her when performing at the Winter Solstice Celebration. He was born in Dauphin, Manitoba. They are friends and have performed together many times during the past 30 years. Laurie, as a professional musician, has performed in many genres including rock, folk, blues, jazz, country and childrens' music.

He led and recorded with two popular bands in the past: Laurie MacKenzie and the Bandits & The Laurie MacKenzie Band. Most recently he toured and recorded with The Guess Who for 8 years (2006-2013).


llena Zaramba, born into a musical family, has sung since birth, and is still singing with Ron Paley after 35 years. Her career has taken her through out most of North America. She has performed since 2012 at most of the Solstice Celebration Concerts put on by The Sanctuary, and is happy to be here with us again to celebrate the energies of this season.


Dale Scott

Flute melodies between each program item are played by Dale Scott, co-owner of The Mind, Body and Spirit Show. (link here
"My son and I currently run an event that promotes alternative medicines and all forms or modalities of healing as well as mediums, physics and lectures." Linked


Stewart Fay


"Gold Across the Gulf" is an original composition, by singer-songwriter, Stewart Fay.  It tells of the triumph of love and light over death and darkness, based on one of the very few objects to survive intact from the deliberate crash of United Airlines Flight 93 into the south Pennsylvania countryside that fateful morning of 9/11.  A man's gold wedding band was retrieved from the crash site, traced to the passenger manifest (thanks to an inscription on the inside of the band), and returned by federal authorities to the widow in California, all documented by an incredibly moving piece of TV journalism.

Stewart has been described as a wry and observant musician, who has, for decades, offered story-telling songs that echo the heartfelt and the familiar in our collective humanity.

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