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Winter Solstice Concert 2016


Theme: Living in the Heart of Love

The performers are dressed up as Medieval Travelling Minstrels. 

They represent various ways this Winter Solstice Season, from now until the New Year, has been acknowledged and celebrated.


Winter Solstice Celebration - Living in the Heart of Love - Dec. 22, 2016

Column 1
Column 2
  Column 3
Hollie (MC) & Lorraine (Hanukkah)
Lorraine (Hanukkah) &  Tony 
 Tony (Early Christianity)
 Tanis (Yalda)
Jacques (Ancient Rites)
Lorraine (Hanukkah) & Terry (Celtic)
Karen (Saturnalia), Craig (Santa Luca Legend) & Jacques  (Ancient Rites)
 Ilena Zaramba & Jan Harding-Jeanson
 Cynthia (Angelic Love)
Stephanie playing the harp
 Myra & Jillian
Thank you to all of the volunteers!