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Kundalini Yoga and Intuitive Painting Workshop


Emily and Cindy teamed up to give us a double-barreled experience.

Emily introduced Kundalini Yoga and then guided us through some helpful and amazing poses.

We could feel the movement of Kundalini energies throughout our body as we practiced with Emily.

Jon Painting
Group Painting Activity
Then, Cindy offered a variety of Intuitive Art exercises which supported the energetic work our body had experienced. 
Karen: "A wonderful afternoon!!!"
Kundalini  Yoga and Painting was an original combination, unusual, yet delightful, and meaningful.
  • Jacques: "That was such a powerful workshop & combination. My body is buzzing, I feel both energized & tired at the same time!"
  • Jon: "The amazing Kundalini Yoga, try it in the morning before a day of work and notice an amazing vitality to your day. Or at night to get an amazing night's sleep  So yes, Jacques, I am energized and tired!"
  • Craig: "My shoulder is tired from flapping my wings flying to great heights or consciousness."