Winnipeg, MB 

Santuary  'Virtual' Network

peace, harmony, and spiritual support!   

The Vortex

The Divine energy of the Vortex resides in the inner sanctum or 'heart' of The Sanctuary.

The pure and Sacred Vortex energy at The Sanctuary

offers healing to those who seek it and request it.

The Vortex is a concentration of the energies of peace, love and harmony that enables those who seek it to connect more fully with their inner self (Higher Self and Divine-Self).

The energy in the vortex can take whatever “negative” or fear-based energy you may need to release and can transform it into “positive” or love-based energy.

The vortex emanates pure energy of love, of peace, and of well-being.


Healing Circle

There is a lawn chair placed in the middle of the circle of crystal bowls. 

A person may choose to sit there during the time that the bowls are being played

Each time you enter the vortex area, it is as if you are in the presence of the“God-Light"  or "Creative Source".